“Oxlade” also known as ikuforiji Abdulrahman olaitan is one of the emerging acts that has changed the face of the Nigerian and African music industry .

Oxlade started singing at an early age ,which has helped him to improve on his vocal skills ,thereby making him stand out with a unique sound which is peculiar to him



Style to oxlade means an expression of his art as he mostly seen in the altè fashion pieces ,he also loves to experiment with different types of style ,knowing fully well music is about versatility which he tries to incorporate into how he looks .


Shugar unarguably one of oxlades most successful singles was produced by spax, has recieved massive airplay and online streaming on various platforms …the emergence of shugar skyrocketed Oxlade’s budding music career.



As a singer, Oxlade melody and sounds together to make music everyone can appreciate, popularly known for his falsetto, oxlade dabbles with different genres of music thus expressing his singing in ways everyone can relate to

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